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The more functional your laundry or utility area is, the less time you’ll need to spend there. Create a solution that accommodates your family – as well as your washer and dryer! Let function and beauty complement one another to help turn laundry from a chore into an enjoyable activity.

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The mudroom is a space you are in most likely more then once a day, it is nice to leave organized in the morning and return to a space that makes that easy to do every day. Locker style areas are great they allow everyone in your family to have there own space for there own items like backpacks purses jackets mitts or keys, it also gives you a place to put the items you or anyone else in the house finds, if you find Jon’s glove throw it in Jon’s basket. Make it simple the simpler the system the easier it is to get everyone on board. One other style that we find works great is keeping a space for everyone as far as hooks or basket but by not having the dividers in the lockers it allows a little more flexibility as far as creating a place to drop the groceries when you come through the door or a larger area for maybe a elderly grandparent to get there boots on or even a more open space for company when they come through the door. Whatever you need or prefer lets make sure it works for you and your family

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Utility closets

The standard utility closet or linen closet or broom closet can be a space that is largely overlooked when looking at new or new to you homes. It is a space that when done properly can make the world of difference, al place for linens and cleaners and vacuums and brooms. Adjustable sections and division for long sections allows you to keep a broom or steamer in the same closet as your towels at the end of the hall without having to use 2 hands to catch one of the 3 things falling out when you open the door. Cleaning is hard enough without adding frustration and make it simple enough you may even get some help from the family. ( Cleaning help is more likely though not a guarantee.)

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Laundry rooms.

These are rooms that for years were neglected, though a space you spend usually at least a evening or 2 a week. Why do it in a space that increases frustration, make it a space that you don’t dread going, give yourself a space for folding and a space for baskets maybe some doors or compartments to keep detergents or a space to hang to dry or a space to steam or iron. A compartment for all laundry baskets and pull out shelves to allow you to pull from the dryer fold and put into basket all in one step will save time and may even get out of folding laundry in the living room. If you want to get crazy put in a tv and wine fridge, if you want to watch greys with a glass this may be the best place as no one should bother you or knows if you finished the bottle.

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