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MODERN CLOSET offers the highest quality kitchen and pantry systems available. With years of experience, friendly service and our limited lifetime guarantee Modern Closet is Saskatoon’s top storage expert.

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Standard Pantry

A standard pantry is one that can come in just about any size, it is a space that requires efficiency as far as maximizing the space, access to all items in the space and visibility to avoid over purchasing or expired items. The basic keys to this is create a space for everything. Adjustable shelves and multiple sized sections are the basis for this once you have your framework and a place for everything we can start looking into accessories or wait, even a standard system can be upgraded with some pantry accessories months or even years later. We like to create system that works for you today but also will adapt to you in the future.

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Corner Pantries

Corner pantries are one of the most common pantries we come across they can be organized accessible and clean or they can be extremely frustrating if the corner is not handles properly, some of the key features are a lot like the standard pantry with adjustable sections of shelving but the key feature is being able to use the corner properly with access, flexibility and visibility. This pantry is also one of our favourites as it can be setup in both ways, it can be a standard style pantry or a butler style pantry with the option to add all the pantry design accessories you can imagine.

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Butler Pantries

This style pantry Is popping up more and more. It is kind of like the Lincoln of Pantries. This style can be created in your standard 42X42 corner pantry or a walk through or even sometimes in a standard pantry. What makes a pantry a butlers pantry is a prep area/ counter top. Lots of times in homes a butlers pantry is used to create a breakfast bar or even a Barista station for those caffeine lovers. It can be a place to keep your coffee maker, toaster, or maybe for the new moms out there your baby Breeza. It creates a clean look through the kitchen while also keeping the space functional without having to put away or bring out these items that you use on a daily basis.

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