Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our product comes with a limited lifetime warranty, and you can be assured to receive the best in quality from our solid wood drawers to ¾” thick shelves and partitions!

FREE 3-D Mock-ups

As you tell us your vision for the space, we use our custom 3-D design software to bring your vision to life. By using 3-D design technology you are able to see how the design would look in your space and tweak the plan until it is absolutely perfect.

FREE Estimates

Just call, text, email or phone and we will be there for you! We can meet in-person or through those fancy new electronic gadgets! ; )

After that, we get your measurements and can begin the estimate process.

Locally founded

Deal with a company founded right here in Saskatoon! The advantages are many and you know we truly appreciate your happiness. Owner Mark Dean is here in Saskatoon and can answer any questions you might have.

Mark Dean, Owner of Modern Closet
Mark lives in Saskatoon with his beautiful family of 5. With the responsibilities of running Modern Closet, kids activities and entertaining friends and family, Mark knows how great organization makes life better. For over 10 years Mark has been selling, servicing and using Modern Closet products.

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