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Whether you use your garage to house your favorite toys, keep your vehicle safe from the winter weather or as an overgrown storage shed we can create a system perfect for your needs. Deep closed cabinets provide storage for off-season items while creating a finished look for your garage. Slot wall keeps tools or toys easily accessible and organized. Durable materials and easy-to-clean finishes can withstand the garage environment and contain the clutter making your garage a place you will want to show off.


custom garage storage solutions

Garage Cabinets

Garage cabinets are the backbone of the style and function of your space. A place for everything and access is still the theme–a clean workbench, a place for all tools and sporting equipment is essential. We use full extension drawers to maintain visibility and solid material to support tools and other heavy items. This is also the part of the garage we use to accent the style with many options of colours and custom garage designs to fit your style or needs. From someone who uses their garage for a warm place for the car to someone who lives in their man cave and makes it a goal to fix everything with nothing but a cold beer and a YouTube video on the tailgate.

Garage Cabinets Colours

dark wood garage cabinets
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custom garage storage solutions
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grey modern garage cabinets
Red garage cabinets
custom closets and garage
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Garage Countertop colours

stainless steel garage countertop
Stainless Steel
Saskatoon Custom Garage Cabinets
saskatoon custom garage interiors
Butcher Block
Milano Quartz


Garage Flooring

The flooring is the basis for the garage. We use a wide range of styles, though our favourite option is the tile style garage flooring, it is made from polypropylene and is in a snap together tile style, that makes it an easy, quick install and allows multiple colours and styles to create your own style or print on your floor. The product we use is made in Canada and designed for Canada. Designed with a channel underneath so water, snow or slush will drain away to stop pooling on the floor leaving it clean and dry. This design also allows for easy cleaning with water or a shop vac. The floor is designed for weight as we use it in our own shop under our forklift and can be driven on within seconds of install. In the rare case a tile is damaged, or if you decide to change out a colour tiles can be individually removed easily. Do it yourself or we can do it for you, its simple and easy plus we even keep some styles in stock.

Flooring options


Simply the best garage flooring out there. Ribtrax garage tile is ideal for garages, workshops, exercise or playrooms, as well as patios, terraces, or around pools. The open profile of the garage tile facilitates easy cleaning. Water drains through the tiles and keeps walkways dry and safe. Whether you park your car, motorcycle, boat, or RV, this durable and attractive garage tile is practical and virtually maintenance free. Ribtrax is available in 18 colours to match the look you are going for.


With the our Rubbertrax recycled flooring program we turn recycled parts into guaranteed quality and low cost flooring tile. Rubbertrax tiles contain 100% post-consumer recycled content and is the only modular rubber tile in the world using 100% post-consumer recycled material. Rubbertrax is also made entirely from regionally sourced materials.

Hockey Tiles

Create a fully functional athletic floor with our Hockey Tiles. The unique perforated design provides an excellent playing surface without the worry of dirt and water interference. The tiles perform well in outdoor settings, even in varying weather conditions. The interlocking Hockey Tiles are easy to assemble and disassemble with no tools required. Ty Gretzky, founder of Gretzky Hockey School, says, “The flooring is great for outdoor hockey courts because it has a smooth surface with the right amount of grip.”

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Anti-Fatigue Mats

Work in the garage lots? Anywhere you need it these premium-quality mats provide the gentle cushioning and durability to give you years of comfort and they look great too!

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Rental Flooring

Showcase your Products and outshine the competition – our floors are highly visible and a low maintenance alternative for all your event floor needs. Affordable! Less expensive then on-site rental carpets. Hassle free! Get floor delivered direct to your next event. Perfect for outdoor events! Safe! Slip-resistant when wet. Keep your feet dry when it rains. Comfortable to stand on! Get relief on your feet versus standing on carpet concrete or asphalt.



When looking for more storage in you home sometimes it helps to look up. Overhead garage storage can be one of the most efficient ways to store off season or Christmas decorations, or just about anything you would normally keep in a storage room keeping it clean dry and visible so when you need it you know where and condition its in. The only concern you may have is how to get it down, ladders are an obvious option but if you want it to be readily accessible for anyone a motorized lift may be a better option. The motorized lift is great for things you use more regularly like golf clubs, sporting equipment to cookers or even maybe the lawn mower or luggage.

Onrax Motorized Lift

Onrax Overhead Racking

garage overhead storage shelves

Onrax Bike Rack

ceiling bike racks


slotwall accessories


Slotwall is a key to being able to use the space that may be limited for depth or the back of the workbench for organizing small tools or screws. It is durable and flexible it can adapt with you from bikes to clubs to balls to garden tools and can change with the seasons. The accessories are endless and can be moved at any time for just about any reason. It can also give a accented colour stripe around the perimeter or you can cover the entire garage or maybe just one wall. It makes a great durable finish that can even handle a few pucks or tennis balls.

Slotwall Accessories

3″x12″ basket

4″ double hook

4″ loop hook

5″ bike hook

6″ j hook

6″ tilt bin storage

3″x12″ basket

4″ double hook

4″ loop hook

5″ bike hook

6″ j hook

6″ tilt bin storage

8″ double hook

8″ loop hook

8″x12″ basket

12″x18″ basket

24″x12″ basket

24″x12″ handiNET

36″x24″ handiNET

trash can

fishing rod holder

golf accessory holder

long tool bar

magnetic tool holder

paper towel holder

s hook

screwdriver rack

sml tool rack

snap hooks

sports accessory rack

tennis accessory holder

ski rack

garden hose holder


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